Reap the benefits of utilizing our partner program

Still not sure if our couples therapy for infidelity sessions are right for you? We're here to convince you. Just a few benefits of our program include:

  • Having a community to heal with
  • Providing an outlet for your frustrations
  • Rebuilding the trust that was broken in your relationship

You can sign up for our infidelity counseling services by getting in touch with us today.

Have you been sexually betrayed?

Do you relate to any of the following?

  • You feel like your spouse/significant other needs to correct his behavior for you to feel happy.

  • You constantly find yourself asking your spouse/significant other about his activities, searching for clues about his acting out, or worrying about who he is with or what he might be doing.

  • Sometimes you feel crazy.

  • Your significant other has betrayed your trust through an emotional or physical affair.

  • You feel like you can't trust your spouse/significant other.

  • You feel like the situation is affecting your ability to deal with daily life and possibly find yourself engaging in undesirable behaviors to avoid having feelings about the situation.

  • Your sex life is affected by the situation and you may even question if your spouse/significant other is attracted to you anymore.

  • You feel you are to blame for your spouse/significant other's indiscretions and/or acting out.

  • You question whether or not your spouse/significant other loves you.

  • You've become withdrawn from or lied to close friends or family because of your spouse/significant other's activities.

  • You believe that if you just do the right things to help, your spouse/significant other will get better.

  • You find yourself scrambling to take care of everyone else and neglecting yourself to keep your significant other happy so he doesn't act out again.

  • You feel happy when your spouse/significant other is happy and doing well.

  • You struggle when your spouse/significant other is sad, angry, or struggling.

We can Help. You are not Alone.

Things to be aware of:

  • The situation is NOT YOUR FAULT!

  • We recommend that YOU get treatment to help heal from your spouse's/significant other's betrayal, even if he isn't willing to seek help himself.

  • You are worthy and deserving of respect, peace, and love.

  • While struggling with his addiction, your spouse/significant other isn't likely to be capable of providing the safety and support you need to process your feelings right now.

  • Healing IS possible, no matter how bad things have gotten.

Our trained professionals are dedicated to bringing hope, healing, and recovery to individuals, families, and spouses affected by unwanted compulsive sexual behaviors and the powerful grip of pornography and sexual addiction.

Our program format addresses the sexual addiction, the betrayal trauma, and the relationship.

Discover the importance of infidelity counseling

The team at LifeStar Boise has over eight years of experience providing infidelity counseling to couples in need throughout Boise and Star, ID. You can trust us to do everything we can to help your relationship heal after an affair. Couples therapy for infidelity can help you:

Understand how the affair happened
Identify pre-existing problems in your relationship
Reduce symptoms of psychological trauma
Reignite intimacy and trust in your relationship

We're here to get your relationship back on track and help you heal. Schedule infidelity counseling with us today by calling 208-877-4600.