What you need to know before you book

Our program breaks down to:

  • Phase one (8-weeks): Comes with workbooks, weekly group meetings and access to the app. Phase one is focused on information, education and laying the foundation for your recovery and healing as you work through the first 4 workbooks. We schedule Phase 1 start dates every 2-3 months. Intake sessions need to be done at least a week before the Phase 1 orientation date.

  • Phase two (6-to-12 months): Comes with workbooks and weekly group meetings. Work is set at your own pace, focusing on processing and healing you as an individual. Phase two starts immediately after Phase one ends.

  • Phase three: An optional step for couples and is often structured based on the needs of the group members completing phase two.

For more information on our three-phase program, get in touch with us today.