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Rely on us for sex addiction treatment services in Boise or Star, ID

Has your partner been unfaithful in your marriage? Or maybe you find it difficult to stop watching pornography? No matter what you're going through, LifeStar Boise is here to help. We offer sex addiction treatment services and a program for those in and around Boise and Star, ID. During our group sessions, our curriculum based program, led by licensed counselors, provides you with the support and help you need to find recovery and healing.

Our unique program is designed to not only to help the addict find recovery but to help the partner of the addict find healing as well. We also integrate ways to heal broken trust while teaching healthy relationship and communication skills. For more information on our pornography addiction help services, call 208-877-4600 now.

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Since we've offered the LifeStar program in the Treasure Valley, we've helped our clients through all sorts of obstacles. You can turn to our program for:

Our treatment program includes three phases. You can learn more about our pornography addiction help program by getting in touch with us today.

Why choose LifeStar Boise?

When it comes to dealing with something as personal and secretive as sex addiction, you're sure to feel comfortable with our capable and caring team. We not only have years of experience on our side, but we also put our clients first. Between the workbooks you'll be assigned and the regular group therapy sessions, we'll have you on the road to recovery in no time.

Getting Started

Get access to the support and help you need NOW!

Schedule and complete an assessment with a LifeStar counselor TODAY!

Step 2:

Assessment with a licensed counselor for you and your partner if applicable.

Assessments are scheduled within a week of your initial call to us.

Our goal is to help you seize the moment you are ready and get you started in your recovery and healing as soon as possible.

You will receive your first workbook and supplemental materials at the end of your assessment.

This step is required to get started in groups.

Step 3:

Attend Phase 1 Group & Sign up for App

Attend Phase 1 Group & Sign up for App. Phase 1 is 8 weeks of information, education and laying the foundation for your recovery and healing as you work through the first 4 workbooks.

You attend group once a week for 90 minutes. The first 45 minutes are spent learning through bookwork, discussion, videos and other supplemental material at the discretion of the facilitator.

The second 45 minutes of group are spent splitting into men and women groups and sharing the work you have completed in your workbook.
We are excited to announce the integration of an app that sends daily reminders and information and opportunities for connection to aid in your accountability and recovery.

This step is required to enter Phase 2 groups.

Step 4:

Attend Phase 2 Group

Phase 2 is working through, processing and completing the last 5 workbooks and attending one 90 minute group a week. This phase tends to slow down as it is focused on processing and healing you as an individual.

Addicts and partners attend groups separately.

Phase 2 is at your own pace and can take 6-12 months to complete.

Step 5:

Attend Phase 3 (Optional)

Phase 3 is an optional step for couples. This phase is intended to help you and your partner come back together with other couples in a weekly group setting. It is intended to strengthen the healing and recovery that you have engaged through your attendance of LifeStar and focus on how to apply it to your relationship.

We seek to help you redefine your relationship based on renewal, healthy relationship and communication skills, and a greater sense of self that enriches and strengthens the relationship overall.

LifeStar is a unique program and we are set apart from other programs because:

  • LifeStar is not just focused on the addict and learning how to cope with sex and pornography addiction.
  • LifeStar takes into account the partners of the addict and the impact addiction has on them too.
  • LifeStar seeks to help both addicts and partners understand the deeper, underlying and sometimes generational issues that addiction can be rooted in.
  • LifeStar is unique in that it helps addicts and partners understand themselves individually and learn tools and strategies for a healthy relationship.
  • LifeStar encourages you to use what you are learning and feed it back into the relationship to heal broken trust within the relationship and within yourself.

If a couple decides to go their separate ways or a single, divorced or separated person goes through the LifeStar program, the skills learned and individual growth experienced increases confidence and informs future relationships.

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