Have you been sexually betrayed?

Do you relate to any of the following?

“You’re imperfect, and you’re wired for struggle, but you are worthy of love and belonging.”

~ Berné Brown
  • You feel like your spouse/significant other needs to correct his behavior for you to feel happy.
  • You constantly find yourself asking your spouse/significant other about his activities, searching for clues about his acting out, or worrying about who he is with or what he might be doing.
  • Sometimes you feel crazy.
  • You feel like you can’t trust your spouse/significant other.
  • You feel like the situation is affecting your ability to deal with daily life and possibly find yourself engaging in undesirable behaviors to avoid having feelings about the situation.
  • Your sex life is affected by the situation and you may even question if your spouse/significant other is attracted to you anymore.
  • You feel you are to blame for your spouse/significant other’s indiscretions and/or acting out.
  • You question whether or not your spouse/significant other loves you.
  • You’ve become withdrawn from or lied to close friends or family because of your spouse/significant other’s activities.
  • You believe that if you just do the right things to help, your spouse/significant other will get better.
  • You feel happy when your spouse/significant other is happy and doing well.
  • You struggle when your spouse/significant other is sad, angry, or struggling.

 We can Help. You are not Alone.

Finding out your loved one is involved with pornography or other sexually compulsive behaviors likely flooded you with with many distressing emotions. Whether you just found out or you have known for awhile, you may be feeling hurt, angry, disgusted, shocked, confused, or even like you are somehow to blame for what is happening. These emotions are common for women in your situation. We can help you sort through these feelings and move beyond them.

Things to be aware of:

  • The situation is NOT YOUR FAULT!
  • We recommend that YOU get treatment to help heal from your spouse’s/significant other’s betrayal, even if he isn’t willing to seek help himself.
  • You are worthy and deserving of respect, peace, and love.
  • While struggling with his addiction, your spouse/significant other isn’t likely to be capable of providing the safety and support you need to process your feelings right now. 
  • Healing IS possible, no matter how bad things have gotten.

Our trained professionals are dedicated to bringing hope, healing, and recovery to individuals, families, and spouses affected by unwanted compulsive sexual behaviors and the powerful grip of pornography and sexual addiction. 

Our program format addresses the sexual addiction, the betrayal trauma, and the relationship.